Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems are mainly based in Europe on G5 technology. This extension of WiFi, without licence, enables the realization of Ad-Hoc local area networks.


Though multiple applications can be developed using G5 capabilities, this technology has been mainly developed to support critical road safety applications (collision avoidance) and the automatic driving.


The main stakeholders are the automotive industry, road authorities / operators, test and validation centres, services providers and research institutes acting in the domain of automotive and transport.

Our QCD approach


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 The VICI factory of the Possible is a mean used to disseminate ideas which have been developping during R&D projects. These ideas are only expecting to be studied and experimented on purpose to give birth to real innovations to be deployed. They also can provide some responses to frequently asked questions.



One example of a VICI factory of the possible product is provided here below at the bottom of the page. In the future these productions will be reserved to the customers of VICI.

For exemple, half a day of consultancy will include a subscription for one year of the VICI factoty of the possible production.