Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems are mainly based in Europe on G5 technology. This extension of WiFi, without licence, enables the realization of Ad-Hoc local area networks.


Though multiple applications can be developed using G5 capabilities, this technology has been mainly developed to support critical road safety applications (collision avoidance) and the automatic driving.


The main stakeholders are the automotive industry, road authorities / operators, test and validation centres, services providers and research institutes acting in the domain of automotive and transport.

avril 22, 2014



ITS WORLD CONGRESS 2015 IN BORDEAUX from 5 to 9 october 2015

avril 7, 2014


ITS WORLD CONGRESS 2014 is now finished



In Europe

The European Commission, in the scope of its ITS action plan, is cooperating with the C2C-CC vehicle manufacturers' association and road authorities organized in the Amsterdam Group for the initial deployment of cooperative ITS in 2015 .


The DOT / NHTSA is cooperating with the vehicles manufacturers present on the US market regrouped into the CAMP association for the assessment (safety pilot) and regulatory deployment of cooperative ITS.


Safety Pilot WEB


The 10th of June 2013, the 3 transport ministers of Netherland, Germany and Austria have launched the first european C-ITS deployment called "CORRIDOR" between Roterdam, Francfort, Munich and Vienna.


The 11th February 2014, Frederic Cuvillier, French transport minister has launched the SCOOP@F pilot deployment project involving 3000 vehicles and more than 300 road side equipment in 5 French regions.