Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems are mainly based in Europe on G5 technology. This extension of WiFi, without licence, enables the realization of Ad-Hoc local area networks.


Though multiple applications can be developed using G5 capabilities, this technology has been mainly developed to support critical road safety applications (collision avoidance) and the automatic driving.


The main stakeholders are the automotive industry, road authorities / operators, test and validation centres, services providers and research institutes acting in the domain of automotive and transport.

Talents of VICI persons will be evolving according to its deployment and its customers' requirements.


         Gérard SEGARRA born the 1st June 1945 in Paris X                   



         - Engineer from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers


         - DEA (equivalent MASTER) of mathematics from the University of Paris VI.









In the scope of its career at Renault, focusing on C-ITS:

- Initialization of the participation of Renault in 2005 in C2C-CC association.Since that time, representing Renault at the steering committee level. In charge of the Renault contribution during 2008 interoperability demonstration of V2V and V2I.

- Initialization of Renault participation in ETSI TC ITS. Chairman of Working group 1 dedicated to applications requirements and facilities services since 2008 to end of 2013.

- Active contribution in French CN16, mirror group of CEN TC 278 WG16 dedicated to C-ITS.

- Active participation in EU - USA - JAPAN task force for C-ITS standards harmonization and deployment. Representing C2C-CC.