Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems are mainly based in Europe on G5 technology. This extension of WiFi, without licence, enables the realization of Ad-Hoc local area networks.


Though multiple applications can be developed using G5 capabilities, this technology has been mainly developed to support critical road safety applications (collision avoidance) and the automatic driving.


The main stakeholders are the automotive industry, road authorities / operators, test and validation centres, services providers and research institutes acting in the domain of automotive and transport.




ITS WORLD CONGRESS 2014 is now finished


avril 7, 2014

        Some key elements:

  • Mary Barra, GM CEO has been announcing a firts series' vehicle equipped with V2X capabilities (WAVE / IEEE 802.11p, 5.9 GHz technology) for 2017 in parallel wityh the launch of a first automatized vehicle.
  • Ann Arbor (Michigan) safety pilot will be extended in a first step to 9000 V2X equipped vehicles and in a second step extended to 24000 V2X equipped vehicles. Progressively 500 road side equipment will be installed.
  • A first draft of C-ITS regulation for light vehicles will be published by the USA administration in 2014. Decision for C-ITS regulation of heavy vehicles will be decided before the end of 2014 year.
  • Several IEEE 802.11p / G5 chipset have been presented. To mention only a few which seem to be the most advanced: AUTOTALKS, NXP. Some active antenna prototypes integrating a telematics control unit have been presented by CONTINENTAL and LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES.