Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems are mainly based in Europe on G5 technology. This extension of WiFi, without licence, enables the realization of Ad-Hoc local area networks.


Though multiple applications can be developed using G5 capabilities, this technology has been mainly developed to support critical road safety applications (collision avoidance) and the automatic driving.


The main stakeholders are the automotive industry, road authorities / operators, test and validation centres, services providers and research institutes acting in the domain of automotive and transport.





ITS WORLD CONGRESS 2015 IN BORDEAUX from 5 to 9 october 2015

avril 22, 2014

The ITS (Intelligent Transport System) congress will be held in Bordeaux (France) in 2015. The prioritary topics are:

- Spatial technologies and applications,

- Cooperative ITS,

- Multimodality,

- Smart Cities,

- Sustainable Mobility,

- Autonomous Driving,

- Open Data.


Many relationships are existing between these topics. These will be put in evidence during the congress many presentations and demonstrations. Just to mention a few:

- New positioning systems such as GALILEO will play a key role at the level of cooperative ITS for the road safety and autonomous driving.

- Multimodality and smart cities will advantageously benefit from new communication technologies such as G5 / WAVE and Cellular.

- The data opening will enable the development of new applications for traffic management, multimodality and environmental protection.